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TAKŁADNIE is a multidisciplinary design studio where we carry out projects with passion, because we are interested in continuous development and exploring new areas of design. We are a close-knit team of young designers who have known each other for years and share similar values in design and in life: honesty, functionalism, high aesthetics and respect for the environment.


At TAKŁADNIE we are involved in many areas of design – from product design to interior design to graphic design. We strive to make our designs memorable. We are ready for any challenge you set us!


We design in a socially responsible and sustainable way, while always considering the impact on the environment and the far-reaching effects of bringing new products to market. Our team values are shaped by an awareness that what we offer often affects lives of wider comunity – people and beings.


In the course of our collaboration, we pledge to be transparent with you, as we value your input and opinions. However, when it comes to design, we maintain a discerning eye, for it is the ultimate outcome and reception of the project that truly matter.

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Want to see what our projects look like? Take a look at our portfolio and let us inspire you. If you’re looking for a design group that combines creative energy with responsibility and constructive criticism, we’ve got you covered!

Get in touch and start the design process today!

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