Product services

Developing a product is a multi-stage process, aiming to deliver new objects and services to the market.

In TAKŁADNIE we will analyse your needs and bring your idea to life – from concept to production supervision.


We know that design is a complex, multi-stage process. That’s why we stay in touch closely at every stage, consulting with you on design decisions. You are part of our team because the best products are the result of teamwork.
Expensive, cheap… these are relative terms. If you have an idea for a product and you need design support – get in touch! We will make you an offer tailored to your budget.
We do not take our eyes off the market for a moment. We follow the latest technological innovations and trends. You can meet us at various fairs, not just design ones. This knowledge enables us to bring innovations to the market.



At the very beginning, we can meet for a workshop, where we will get to know your product needs. In the next step, we will define the project areas. By gathering all the information together, we will create a project brief, which will be the basis of our cooperation
We design by responding to your needs, not forgetting, however, the market – we know that the product must respond to its needs. For this reason, all the proposals you receive will be created based on research. We conduct expert interviews, create User Experience mapping and audits.

The first visual materials you will receive at the beginning are moodboards.
These are compilations of inspirational materials in the form of photographs, drawings and sketches. Aesthetic research information is beneficial at this stage

At this stage, you will have your initial look at the product design. This is the so-called visual design stage where concepts are showcased through various visualisations. These may be in the form of drawings or renders depending on the requirements of the project. We align the appearance of the design with ergonomic standards and emphasise the technical features of the product.


We create 3D models as a handy tool to establish the ultimate look and usage of our products. These models are pivotal to our communication and cannot be omitted.
Once the proposed design solutions have been discussed, it’s time for the finishing touches. We handle the ideal proportions and shape, selection of materials and colours.
It’s time to test the solutions and see how they work. This will help us determine the correct dimensions and basic functionality. We’ll create prototypes, either by scaling them (e.g., printing them on a 3D printer) or through dimensioning. These prototypes will be the first time your product appears in the real world.
Good design is important, but it’s not the only factor that matters. Customisation is equally important to us, as it demonstrates the quality of our products. We make sure to place a strong focus on this aspect.
The variety of production methods available can be overwhelming. We match the desired quality, cost, availability and features to the specific product and choose the most suitable technology.


In this instance, it is no longer merely sketches that will be delivered, but rather the complete technical documentation along with our feedback, which will be forwarded to the subcontractor for the initial production run of your product.
Perhaps you have your own trusted carpenter or other craftsman. If not, we will be happy to help you find the right subcontractor – or an entire team if the project requires it.

We will thoroughly review the entire project execution process by subcontractors. Nothing will escape our attention.

Specialised projects that require expertise may require the outsourcing of research to a scientific entity. Specialists will be contacted and boundary condition methodologies developed.
Every new product needs appropriate marketing such as naming, branding, development of social media strategies, or trade show positions to succeed in the market. You can also entrust us with these tasks! Check out our graphic design offer!
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