We design interiors with a conscious awareness that a good interior is a synergy of functionality, aesthetics, and quality. We can design apartments, cafes, offices, and exhibitions. Our collaboration yields the perfect blend of your dreams, our expertise, and passion.Every interior is a different story. We know that you are the one behind it.  We take an individual approach to every project – no matter how advanced the collaboration, we always start with an in-depth interview, a survey and gathering inspiration as a prelude to moving forward. Open conversation is our foundation.

There is room for whimsy too.

What makes us special?

We provide you with practical designs that are ergonomic and tailored precisely to meet your needs. To put it simply, the heater will warm your feet, not the rear of your settee. Unless, of course, that is your desire.
Every interior is a different story. We know that you are the one behind it. We take an individual approach to every project – no matter how advanced the collaboration, we always start with an in-depth interview, a survey and gathering inspiration as a prelude to moving forward. Open conversation is our foundation.
Beauty comes in many forms. Tell us what you like, and we will design a real gem for you. Choosing colours and materials is our specialty.
We keep it in mind at every stage of the project, advising on where savings can be made and where it is worth paying more upfront to avoid disaster in the future.

Inspiring and feasible interiors



An aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for your interior.

From 26 € gross per m2


Comprehensive turnkey project, with support at key moments.

From 57 € gross per m2


A project from concept to finished interior where you can live, work, fulfil your passions.

From 76 € gross per m2

enjoy your interior on every square metre

FAQ - you ask, we answer:

Sure! Pure pleasure. Contact us for an individual quote.
Of course! We’ll check if it’s done correctly, listen to your needs and ideas, then incorporate them into the project.
First of all, you don’t have to worry about everything! You don’t need to know about installations, ergonomics, material quality, or color selection – we have all that covered. We will take care of functionality and aesthetics, listen to your ideas and advise on important matters to reflect your needs and lifestyle.
A project like this is a challenge we are happy to take on. Lifting is our buzz! We’ll evaluate and advise on whether the flat requires small touch-ups or a complete overhaul. This will determine the next steps.

This depends on the chosen bundle and individual discussions. We can already be with you at the handover of the development state or, if you prefer, only at critical moments of implementation.

Before we start work, we sign a contract with you that includes the terms of our cooperation. It protects both you and us. After signing the contract, we invoice you for 30% of the value of the project, the next 35% is charged after the functional stage and the last 35% after the project is completed. If you also have supervision in your bundle, this is split into 2 payments.


Have a head full of ideas but need help visualising your interior and making key decisions?

This bundle is for you.

From 26 € gross per m2

How does the process look like?

As part of our collaboration, we will design a functional layout and create visualisations so that you can see what your flat or café could look like.

We will establish material characteristics so that subsequent purchases will go smoothly!

This bundle will resolve all your aesthetic and functional uncertainties for your property.

Moodboard? What for?

Moodboards are the inspiration for the main aesthetic and functional ideas. It is the initial design stage that will greatly help generate a plan for your interior and is the basis for our further cooperation.

What's in the bundle?


Need a turnkey interior design, with support at the execution stage? 

The Ionian bundle is good option for you!

From 57 € gross per m2​

How does the process look like?​

We will take care of the interior inventory, which is essential for the detailed design.

If necessary we will move a wall so the bathroom will accommodate both washing machine and bathtub.

We will choose all the materials, free-standing furniture and lighting together.

We will be on site at crucial moments to save you time, nerves and unnecessary costs.

What is interior design survey for?

The interior survey is necessary to correct any inconsistencies between the technical drawings and the reality.

This will ensure that no problems with installation, tiling or misplaced built-in cupboards arise during the execution phase.

What's in the bundle?​


A bundle where we handle everything- from planning to obtaining to a finished interior where you can dwell, labor and fulfil your interests.

From 76 € gross per m2

How does the process look like?​

You will receive increased visualisation and custom built-in furniture design.

We will create turnkey kitchens and built-ins for bathrooms and your preferences.

We’ll handle every step during the implementation phase. We’ll aid you in buying furniture, lighting, and all interior design components.

Construction supervision? What for?

Construction supervision is the assurance that the finished interior will be exactly what was included in the design. This is one of the final but crucial stages, where we make sure that the subcontractors follow the plan we set out.

What's in the bundle?​


Rapid assistance for independents
gross From 26 € / m2 m2
  • Aesthetics proposals ​​
  • Functional arrangement​​
  • Colour selection
  • Materials selection
  • Visualisations​
  • Meetings with the team


Projects and support for demanding
gross From 57 € / m2 m2
  • all from doric bundle
  • Hydraulics design
  • Electrical design
  • Interior design survey​
  • Furniture selection
  • Lighting selection
  • Executive design
  • Contact with suppliers​
  • Construction site visits​


Full care for the busy once
gross From 76 € / m2 m2
  • all from Ionic
  • Custom furniture
  • Additional visualisations
  • Contact with suppliers​​
  • Construction supervision
  • Shopping together
The entire process will require around three months. We are adaptable and cater to your requirements, while keeping our promise to maintain precision and top-notch quality at all stages of the design process.

We will tailor the final offer to you individually


We keep an eye on the activities of the construction contractors. We monitor whether the progress of the work is going according to deadlines, whether it is in accordance with the execution drawings and what the quality is. We take care of every detail, catch any errors and are your representatives before the contractor and intermediaries when ordering materials. We react in real time to situations that arise, and we know from experience that calm is never easy.

Before beginning the design phase, we require precise measurements of the rooms and location of the installations. We are aware that the actual state often differs from that portrayed in the developer’s drawings. The accuracy of the technical drawings and spatial planning necessitates meticulous measurement verification. Inconsistencies are fixed in the technical drawings.

Right after the concept, it is the most important element of our work. Without the execution drawing, construction will not start. They determine the sequence and scope of work for the building contractors, i.e. electricians, plumbers, fitters or carpenters. The construction team is familiarised with the drawings before starting the work and this is an area for us to consult and introduce any executive suggestions.
After a preference survey and a questionnaire, we set up a shared inspiration board. There may be a particular built-in solution, fabric or colour that has seduced you. After collecting inspiration from you, we proceed with our investigation. We present the results to you in the form of a thoughtful arrangement of visual content.

This is where we start our journey together. Firstly, we’ll discover your requirements, way of life, aspirations, beliefs, preferences and finances. You’ll get a set of questions from us with a range of topics, from general to particular. It’s alright if you don’t have any preconceived notions. We’ll go over the survey alongside you, clarify and exhibit the alternatives. We review all responses and discuss the findings with you to clarify design objectives. With this information, we can proceed to the design phase.

Simply put – custom made furniture. A bathroom, hallway, wardrobe and certainly not a kitchen can do without them! We’ll give you suggestions for functional layouts – where the fridge should be and where the cooker should be. We will adapt the design to the number of long coats or the number of ties. The furniture we design is a combination of individual functionality, aesthetics and, of course, execution drawings for the carpenter.

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