Design Lab services

Do you want to go beyond the norm? Are you searching for innovative solutions for your business? We have an offer that will pique your interest! Our design agency is open to unconventional tasks. By melding art and science, we create extraordinary experimental projects.



Our projects arise from the intersection of design, technology and storytelling. We have a critical mindset and are always ready to take on new challenges. So don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with us! Without a doubt, we will find a way to bring the boldest concepts to life.


We believe in the power of creativity and enjoy exploring new horizons. With our holistic approach, we combine different fields to create projects that stand out for their uniqueness and push the boundaries of what is known.


Our actions are based on empathy – towards people, animals, and the environment. If your request differs from typical commercial projects but you believe it has the potential to make a positive impact on the surroundings, we are happy to help you choose the appropriate form of communication.

Wide range of media

No matter if you need an object for digital or physical space, we are happy to collaborate on a project that comments on culture, speculative design, or design interventions. It can be created for a client or educational institution.


Our team consists of designers who collaborate to create projects that are not only functional but also beautiful and inspiring. We understand that aesthetics play a crucial role in establishing lasting emotional connections with our audience.
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