furniture, industrial and specialized sectors design


visual identity and branding,
illustration, UI and UX,
3D renderings,
motion graphics


interior architecture,
public spaces exhibition
– from project to supervision

Design LAB

events, workshops and training, critical design

TAKŁADNIE cooperative is an interdisciplinary design studio with diverse design specialisations.

We bring to life ideas that meet the needs of our clients, are socially conscious and in line with current market demands. We were brought together by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and by a belief in the strength of the collective and a high work ethic.


We know that every commission is special, so our aim is to provide a fully personalised and professional service.
We achieve our project goals by:

  • creating teams tailored to the client’s needs and requirements
  • drawing on many years of experience in the industry and specialised education
  • high work ethics
  • open and reliable communication with the client


We take on challenging design projects as well as a conventional product and digital work. Our past work has included: furniture, lighting, interior design pieces, ceramics, design for industry, branding/visual identification, illustration, art graphics: UI, UX, 3D printing, 3D modelling, renderings and motion graphics.

Furthermore, we are involved in interior and public space design, organizing and curating exhibitions, events, workshops, training and critical design work. Each commission is unique, which is why we offer cooperation based on open communication and the pursuit of a unified goal.


Clients who trust TAKŁADNIE value not only the high quality of the projects but also the flexibility and open communication. This cooperation results in designs that perfectly reflect the client’s expectations.

TAKŁADNIE is a design studio that focuses on innovation, sustainability and aesthetics, which translates into client satisfaction and the effectiveness of the projects implemented. This is why clients trust TAKŁADNIE and recommend it to others looking for a professional design partner.


We are a team of talented designers from a variety of disciplines. Our work has been recognised in many industry competitions. Our creativity – your innovation!

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